One of the services we offer customers is delivery of small wholesale orders, packed in boxes and delivered by courier for a small delivery charge.  Anyone who sells on eBay, Amazon or their own website will know that to deliver goods successfully by courier they must be really well packed.

Couriers are notorious for not handling goods as carefully as they should. There was a study in Popular Mechanics a few years ago which seemed to demonstrate that labelling a package ‘Fragile’ actually caused it to be handled more carelessly than one without the labelling. Full details here Shipping company reviews.


With this in mind we at Scarthingwell package your order as securely as possible. With  a view to saving money and resources we try to re-use as much waste packaging as we can without compromising the safety of your goods.

Few couriers will insure breakable items such as glass or ceramics which means we are unable to claim if any of these items are damaged in transit. So we must ensure breakable items  are well packed and well padded before we ship them out to you.


Most goods are wrapped individually in bubble wrap then placed in a re-used carton, padded with extra materials, usually waste polystyrene, card, bubble wrap or foam to ensure nothing moves within the box. This is why it may look like we emptied the contents of our warehouse bins into your box.

The benefits of this are we have reduced the amount of waste we send to landfill by around 50% and we save on packaging costs which we would otherwise have to pass on to our customers. We would suggest if you send goods by courier that you also consider re-using the packaging materials we send to you, this will further reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfill.


Many shipping companies recommend only using brand new cartons as the more times a carton is used the weaker it becomes. To compensate for this reduced strength this we will sometimes use 2 cartons, one packed into another to improve the protection given to the contents. So far this seems to have caused no more damage to goods in transit than when we used brand new cartons.

We continually monitor the amount of damages we have and modify our packing process as we encounter problems. Overall though we have seen the amount of goods damaged in transit reduced so we believe our policy of re-using packaging materials is a positive one which we intend to continue.

Scarthingwell reduce, re-use, recycle.

Scarthingwell reduce, re-use, recycle.

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