At last we have finished the re-vamp of our showrooms. If anybody has ever visited us you will know that tidying up our showrooms has been something of a Herculean task just when we thought we’d finished we had to start at the beginning and do the whole thing over again completely.

Well this time we’ve done. We’ve gone through every room and tidied re-displayed and labelled every item we sell. We’ve been through our stock lists and ensured every single item we have is on display. Then we’ve done it all again and got out everything we missed the first time! Finally we have finished and you can see everything we do.

One of the great positives to come out of this is we have loads of items which are ends of lines or seconds or one off samples we’d forgotten about and now we’ve reduced them in price. So come and visit our showrooms, see what we have done and take advantage of all the limited offers we have as they won’t be around forever.

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